Core Business Philosophy

Analytical Business Intelligence, LLC was founded to create value at the intersection of Academia and Industry.
Some members of the Industry decry Academia for the lack applicability in their research and some members of Academia lament the lack of “academic” rigor in Industry practices. In our opinion, both points have some merit. With our service offerings we want to bridge that gap. We believe that the largest value for both sides can be created at the intersection of Academia and Industry. Industry can on decades of research and proven business principles. And Academia can shape future research through practical application with businesses. We believe that consistent practice of these principles, will create a virtuous cycle in the long-run.
Many companies and universities already collaborate with great success and to their mutual benefit. However, there is still plenty of room to improve. Analytical BI’s service are intended to expand upon this mutually beneficial collaboration. What’s more, our clients gain access to the value and the benefits that originate at the intersection of practice and theory.

Academic and Professional Network

Analytical BI is comprised of a network of professional service providers and academic researchers at various universities. Analytical BI’s analysts and consultants draw on a broad range of experiences across different industries and in-depth knowledge in numerous disciplines.
Analytical BI’s network provides a well-balanced mix of the theoretical foundations of business research and the proven practical applications that help organizations succeed. We can offer the expertise of a PhD in Operations Management, Decision and Information Sciences, or Accounting as much as the skills of an experienced web designer, graphic artist, media-buyer, or management consultant.

Founder & Principal

Analytical BI’s founder and principal, Alex Forst, has more than two decades of professional management and consulting experience in a variety of industries, including e-commerce, media, entertainment, marketing & advertising, and retail. Throughout his career in the U.S. and abroad, he worked with organizations ranging in size from start-ups, with as few as two employees, to multi-national conglomerates, with over 100,000 employees.

For over a decade, Alex also served as an Adjunct Professor of Marketing and Strategy at the A.B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University, teaching Marketing Research, Venture Strategy, and Strategic Consulting. He earned an MBA with honors from the Freeman School of Business.